Choosing your Language School for learning French, Spanish, German, Italian, Welsh.

A Language School can be a very important part of your language learning strategy.

Given that there are a hundred ways to skin a cat when it comes to learning a language, and no person's needs and personal schedules are the same, there is a massive range of choice when it comes to choosing a language school.

In my own case I went to a French boarding school, at the age of eleven, where nobody spoke English.

From that experience, I learned the value of total immersion, and recommend that a period of total immersion needs to be a part of your language learning strategy at some point.

And of course, the longer the better.

And the more totally immersed you are, the quicker will be your progress.

If you are totally isolated from your mother tongue, (or tongues in which you are fluent), you will be forced into speaking your target language that you are learning.

Nevertheless a period at a language school can be an important part of the mix.

And there are many different schools and styles from which to choose.

The path you follows boils down to choosing something that suits your:

  1. personal choice
  2. time available to study - are you able to study full-time or part-time
  3. budget
  4. whether you want to be in a big group or small group
  5. Total Immersion

Do you want a total immersion, non 'total-immmersion' Language School, or a mixture of the two.

I am a total convert of involving some form of total immersion in your language learning plan.

Many language schools offer a 'total immersion' approach, where all the teaching is done in the host language.

This is particularly effective if you do so in the country where the language is spoken as the main language.

Total immersion can be difficult for adult learners, particularly if learning from scratch, however a teacher that is skilled at this, can make himself/herself well understood, by their acting, and demonstrating.

The beauty of this approach is that you can see and hear and feel words, sentences and phrases in context.

By starting your language school with a strong base of vocabulary you will understand a great deal of what the teacher is saying!

So before starting your course you can blast through 1,000 or 2,000 foreign words using the 200 Words a Day! courses. These will arm you with a large vocabulary, that will enable you understand a great deal of what the teacher is trying to teach.

Learn French 200 Words a Day! before going to your French Language School
Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day! then take lessons in a total immersion school
Learn German 200 Words a Day! before you go to a German Language school
Learn Italian 200 Words a Day! before you go to an Italian Language Lessons
Learn Welsh 200 Words a Day! before taking Welsh lessons in a language learning school

Personal Choice will influence your Language School decision

The smaller the classes the better! That way you can have more one-on-one attention of the teacher.

However smaller classes are likely to be more expensive.

Time available to Study

Full Time

The amount of time you can dedicate to your language studies will affect the time it takes to achieve a degree of fluency and confidence in conversation, reading and language comprehension.

If you are able to study full-time, this will make the learning experience more comprehensive and intensive.

Courses can range from just a few days full time, through to full time university courses that can last three, four or more years.

There are a huge number of private language schools, literally thousands, offering full-time courses where you can live-in, or live locally with a local family, living as a family member.

The beauty of living with a local family is that you will hear the target language 'in action'.

I personally would recommend choosing a family where they speak no English (or whatever your mother tongue is).

This way you will be forced to communicate, forced to make yourself understood, and forced to talk, forced to listen.

It is just too easy to revert to your mother tongue if you have the option.

As part of a family you will hear all the range of words, phrases, sentences, expressions and emotions that form part of everyday family life.

Children are particularly good to converse with, as are older folk.

It is important to ask people to speak slowly, and clearly, which will make it much easier for you to understand and follow.

Others can arrange accommodation in apartments, flats or hotels nearby.

Selecting a Foreign Language School
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Choosing your French Language School, Spanish Language Classes, German Language Class, Italian Language School & Welsh Language Lessons.

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