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sorridere = to smile

Imagine you smile and say, SORRY, DEARIE!"

il sorriso (nm) = smile.

sorridere con compiacimento = to smirk.

Learn the sorridere Verb Table


chiudere = to close

Imagine you say, "Close the door with your CUE, DEARIE!"

chiudersì = to close (oneself, one's mouth, eyes)

chiudible (adj) = closeable.

Learn the chiudere Verb Table


credere = to believe

Imagine we like to believe in CREDIBLE things!

¡Credo di sì! = I think so!
¡Credo di no! = I don't think so!
credibile (adj) = credible, plausible, believable.

Learn the credere Verb Table


calmarsi = to calm oneself down

Imagine you try toCALM MARCY down!

calmare (v) = to calm down, to soothe, to settle, to quieten, to appease.
calmarsi (vr) = to calm oneself down.
¡Calmati! = Calm (yourself) down!

Learn the Italian calmarsi Verb Table

Skiing in Italy

Skiing in Italy is one of their most popular winter pastimes. As winter approaches it is time to plan your Italian ski trip. Brush up your Italian and skiing skills!
Skiing in Italy

I giorni della settimana = The Days of the Week

The days of the week and the months of the year begin with a small letter.

The days of the week are masculine gender.
Monday is the first day of the Italian week.

day = il giorno (m)
week = la settimana (f)

Monday = lunedì
Tuesday = martedì
Wednesday = mercoledì
Thursday = giovedì
Friday = venerdì
Saturday = sabato
Sunday = domenica

I mesi dell' anno = The Months of the Year.

The months of the year are masculine gender.

month = il mese (m)
year = l'anno (m)

January = gennaio
February = febbraio
March = marzo
April = aprile
May = maggio
June = giugno
July = luglio
August = agosto
September = settembre
October = ottobre
November = novembre
December = dicembre

Italian for game, also play; trick/joke; gambling.

Learn the Italian word for game

The Italian word for there - ci

The word ci in Italian has several uses and meanings, including:

ci = there


ci + è = c'è - there is

C’è un auto. = There is a car.
C’è una coda. = There is a queue.

To make a question - Is there? - just say it in a questioning voice c'è?

C’è una banca? = Is there a bank?


ci + sono = ci sono - there are

Ci sono tre bambini. = There are three babies.
Ci sono molte questione. = There are many questions.

Italian for bad, naughty, unpleasant, evil

Learn the Italian word for bad, naughty, unpleasant, evil

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Grazie mille!

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