13 Things to do if you have Difficulty Remembering Words!

13 Things to do if you have Difficulty Remembering Words!

What happens if you have trouble remembering words or a particular word, or phrase?

That is, even after using the 200 Words a Day! courses. Of course 200 Words a Day! users know that the keys to remembering and learning acceleration are visualisation, imagination, word-picture associations, relaxation. All packaged up in a software package.

Well, there are several things that you can do, but what is needed is Deeper Embedding into the Subconscious.

In this case the Memory Trigger is not working for you so you have to get it embedded deeper in your subconscious!

1. Repeat the Memory Trigger

The first thing to do is REPEAT the trigger, more than once. Simple repetition may be just the thing to achieve this Deeper Embedding.

200 Words a Day! users can find the exact word by looking it up in the course Dictionary, playing it and then hitting the Repeat button.

Listen to the words, the Memory Trigger.
Type it out using the Kinesthetic Mode. (Click on Settings, then click the Kinesthetic Learning checkbox.)
The action of typing the word brings the Kinesthetic Learning sense into play, and the more senses involved in learning, the easier the job of remembering words.

2. Reinforce the Learning

Repeat the exercise above, every day for a week to reinforce the learning.

The 200 Words a Day! system will prompt you to review whatever you have learned at various 'optimum learning intervals'.

That is after:

a day
a week
a month
a quarter (3 months) and after
a year...

3. Add your Own Notes and even your own Memory Trigger

You may think of your own Memory Trigger© which you can write on the page you are learning the word.

Simply keep a note of this, by clicking on the 'NOTES' icon at the bottom of the Lesson page, and type in your own notes.

You may have a friend, relative, workmate, hero who perfectly fits a scenario that reminds you of this foreign word, or phrase.

This can make the job of remembering words and phrases much easier. The more personalised a Memory Trigger, the easier it is for you to remember it.

4. Smash your Worst Words

All the words on which you are tested are scored. These scores are then ranked.The words for which you score the worst, are then automatically put into a Lesson called 'My Worst Words'.You can do this Lesson at any time, and should regularly do this lesson and its associated Test.

The inbuilt 'Scheduler' prompts you when to do this lesson as well.

5. You can further enhance the Memory Trigger...

... by mentally embellishing the Memory Trigger. Close your eyes and imagine the cartoon scene, and then add to it in greater detail in your mind.

The more detail that you can add, the easier it is to remember the information, as you add more and more 'memory hooks' to the Memory Trigger©.

The more hooks there are, the easier it is to remember, as the brain starts searching for the information, one link leads to another link in the chain, and this improves your chances of recalling the item.

So, the more detail in the Memory Trigger the easier it is remembering words.

6. Draw the Memory Trigger yourself, or make a collage of it...

If you have drawing skills (even marginal ones) you can draw the picture yourself. Or cut up magazines and make a collage yourslef.Or go onto the web, and get loads of free pictures, download them, then cut and paste them into your own document.

Or print them out and cut and paste them.

I did this to remember some memorable dates I was learning...

My history book gave me the date that the Vikings first invaded England as 788AD.

I used one of Memory Master Dominic O'Brien's system of using famous people to remember numbers. So the number 78 is represented by GH, because G is the 7th letter of the alphabet, and H is the 8th.

He teaches you to use a character for this, whose initials are GH, and I chose Spice Girl singer Geri Halliwell.

For the other 8 (- the last 8 in 788) a tool he recommends is a snowman, because it looks like a number 8.

So I downloaded a picture of GH - Geri Halliwell, a snowman and some Vikings and printed them out, cut them up, and scanned them into one collage.

It takes a little effort but you can easily do this with words that are tripping you up! It will make remembering words and phrases much easier.

7. Build a Lesson

You can build your own Lesson, selecting the words from the Dictionary and having lessons of words on which you want to concentrate. Remembering words becomes much easier, if you can spend some concentrated time focussing on these troublesome foreign words and phrases.

8. Write your own flashcards for better remembering words

Write them on a card and carry the cards with you. Put the English word on the front, and the foreign word on the back. Work through the cards, testing yourself. If you get the answer right, put the card in your right pocket. If wrong, put it into your left pocket. Work on those in your left pocket - the wrong ones.

9. Post it Notes

Buy a packet of those wonderful 'Post-it' notes. Write the words, and triggers on them and post them around the house.

10. Print the Screenshot of Troublesome Words

Print the page of the words giving you difficulty. Later versions on 200 Words a Day! have this function. (If your version does not have this function you can achieve the same by pressing the following keys together. Press CTRL-ALT-Print Screen. This takes a screenshot of the current window. Then you need to paste that into a Microsoft Word document by clicking CTRL-V).

11. Act the Word or Phrase Out

Act the word out. Invent a situation using the word or phrase and act it out. If you are self-conscious in doing so, you can hide in the bedroom while doing this.

12. Make your own Tapes or Burn your own CD with the troublesome Words

With your PC you can now take recordings of troublesome words, record them on to a tape, or burn them to CD, or download them to your iPod. Listen to them in the car, bus, on the train or plane.

13. Putting the Words into Use is one of the best techniques for remembering words

The sooner you can put your newly learned words into use, the better.

Put them into conversation, write them in letters, your diary, write a story, sing them, yell them, act them.

These will all reinforce the word, and Deeper Embed them in to the subconscious.

No doubt you can think of lots of other ways to reinforce your foreign language vocabulary learning so you can better remember words and phrases in Spanish, French, German, Welsh, Italian, and any other language you may be learning.

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