Why is that lady with a mallet hitting my letter on a suitcase?

Visual snapshots of goofy scenes for long term Spanish vocab recall...

Why is MY LETTER on that lady's suitcase?

And why is she hitting the suitcase with a MALLET?

Remember the kooky picture, and you will remember ....

... the Spanish word for 'suitcase' is la maleta...


Suitcase in Spanish is la maleta

....so think of 

the lady hitting MY LETTER on the suitcase with a MALLET

.... to remind you of the word... (...and more - read on...).

To remember the word our cartoon 'word-picture' association makes it easy. With these techniques you can learn of 200 Words a Day! or more, with much more effective recall than 'traditional' learning programs.

Look at the cartoon picture, and let it melt into your subconscious...

According to scientists, your brain will not forget a picture. Everything you have seen is supposedly recorded and stored in your brain.

So, if you absorb the details of the picture, it will get stored in your memory... and the Memory Trigger will be there for future access. The more detail of the picture, the sound, etc that you can remember the better will be your ability to access the word when you need it.

Furthermore, there is far more to it than just a Memory Trigger for a word.

Because the word is feminine.... we have a feminine character.

Frequently we also make the character a famous person, like a celebrity, a person from history.

That is because we can better remember famous people!

Of course if you want to keep a note of your own character that better represents a word or phrase, you can do so in the 'Notes' section on the page in the program that teaches you that word.

So, if your Aunty Flo reminds you of the character belting into the Spanish suitcase with a MALLET, you could just click on the 'Notes' button and make a note to that effect.

(All these notes are also further automatically compiled in to a separate Lesson with all the things on which you have made notes, and you can check out that special lesson at any time).

Also, on the 200 Words a Day Spanish learning CD's, the voices narrating the word have been carefully chosen to further reinforce recall.

Females narrate Spanish feminine words, and phrases.

Males narrate Spanish masculine words, and phrases. (All are native speakers of course).

You'll find that super-simple technique very effective. It is just another of many subtle ways to enhance your recall.

Each and every Spanish noun in the course has Gender Triggers © like this.

These cutting-edge techniques, all wrapped in to a practical computer program that you will find so easy to use, make foreign language vocabulary-building so much easier than in the past.

To learn more about speedily building your Spanish vocab and language skills, using the 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish system click here.

The world's Memory Masters have educated us that the most effective way to remember something is to visualise it in a goofy, zany scene such as the above one showing the Spanish word for suitcase!

But, rather than having you spend hours dreaming up silly scenes, which can be easily forgotten, we have compiled cartoons for each and every word. The cartoons are always there for your future reference.

Exceltra specializes in teaching Excelerated Spanish Language learning through visual, auditory, kinaesthetic multi-modal stimulation.

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The Spanish word for 'suitcase' is la maleta

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