The word in Spanish for thus is así

Remembering that the word in Spanish for thus is así is easy with a Memory Trigger©

así is also the Spanish for 'like this', or 'in this way'.

así can also mean although in Spanish.

So to make this memorable, the 200 Words a Day! way we would make it into a


The Memory Trigger© makes it easy to remember and has memory hooks to firstly make the item easy to remember, and stand out, and secondly to make it easier to dig back out from your memory when you need it... when you recall it.

Memory Trigger for the word in Spanish for 'like this, in this way, although, thus' is así

So for this, I came up with the following MEMORY TRIGGER© for it.

Imagine people saying, "I SEE," when JESUS explains - 'thus, in this way I walk over A SEA in Gallilee...'

Makes it easy doesn't it.

Remember there are two parts to a Memory Trigger© if it is a noun (which in this case it is not...):

  1. MEMORY TRIGGER© itself and
  2. GENDER TRIGGER© - so if the word is feminine we get a female character, and preferably one famous and relevant, for mmasculine words we take a male character ... in this Jesus is a pretty good example of a famous chap...although there is no need for gender recognition because it is not a noun.... so there is no gender aspect to this trigger.

Using a famous person or celebrity makes the recall of the learned material much easier, adding another 'hook' to the Memory Trigger©.

The more stuff we add to the MEMORY TRIGGER©, the more silly it is, the more vivid, the more colour, the more hooks and links... the easier is the recall.

... add sound to the Memory Trigger© - a native Spanish speaker...

200 Words a Day!

You'll get the tools to:

in a way you will never forget

Memorize the words

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Add sound, a native Spanish person voicing the word - for perfect pronunciation, and you have a powerful way of remembering any new word in a language. Native speakers are used on the audio recordings of all 200 Words-a-Day! courses.

...put the new Spanish vocabulary to use straight away...

Of course if you learn a new word during some significant event, or conversation you don't need a MEMORY TRIGGER, the memory gets implanted into your subconscious, along with the linguistic context, the nuances, the situation.

But much of our learning is not in those nice 'in-context' situations so things like MEMORY TRIGGERS© provide powerful and effective tools for language learning.

It is therefore important to find a way to put your newly learned word into immediate use.

You can -

  • say it aloud 20-30 times,
  • write it into a phrase or sentence,
  • use it in a Spanish conversation,
  • write it to a penpal - this is highly effective,
  • copy and re-draw a picture of the Memory Trigger yourself, if there is a picture, or draw one yourself
  • look carefully at the Memory Trigger, and memorise it, closing your eyes and thinking over all its details
  • write it on a post-it note and stick it on the door of the refridgerator with a fridge magnet,
  • ...and there are loads of other things,
  • when using the word try and add some emotion - give it the BAD, GLAD, MAD, RAD or SAD treatment! Adding emotion will further embed the Memory Trigger© deeper in to the subconscious.
The sooner you can put the word into use, the more quickly, and deep the embedding of the memory of the word.

If you do not do this, you must reinforce the learning of the new word (in this case the Spanish word así which you now know means 'like this, in this way, so that, although etc )at regular intervals.

Ensure you REVIEW and RESTUDY your newly learned Spanish language material at certain optimum intervals...

Scientists tell us that, for most effective memory and learning, there are optimum intervals to review newly learned material. They say that you should review, re-study the material after:

  1. a day
  2. then again after a week
  3. then again after a month
  4. then again after three months (a quarter)
  5. then again after a year

You can, and should, invent your own MEMORY TRIGGERS©

The opportunities to learn more Spanish words - (like the Spanish word así) - phrases, quips etc can arise at so many different times.

Whether it be in conversation, watching a TV show, listening to a piece on a Spanish radio station, doing Spanish lessons, reading over material, skimming through a dictionary and stabbing randomly at a place on the page to find a new word!

Make sure you grab them yourself, and get into the habit of generating your own MEMORY TRIGGERS© and vocabulary GENDER TRIGGERS©. Keep them in a notebook, or in a document file on your computer. Add a sketch if you can draw. They do not need to be complex, or works of art. Stick figures are fine. Draw them freehand or on a computer. Freehand pictures can be scanned into your scanner and manipulated and coloured in. The whole process of doing the drawing and coloring helps your ability to remember and recall the words.

If you can animate your drawings, using a graphics program on your computer all the better still.

You can even send any new MEMORY TRIGGERS to us at, and they can be considered for inclusion in future courses.

Editor's Note:
Not all of these Memory Triggers© are among the thousands in our courses.

I am constantly making them up as I go along, for new added learning to show you how we work with the 200 Words a Day! system . Any new ones we intend to add to later courses, which are under constant development. I am making new ones up all the time, and adding them to our burgeoning resource...

The Spanish for thus is así

I'm sure you won't forget this word!

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A Useful Spanish Word to put into the Memory Banks: The word in Spanish for thus - 'like this, in this way, although, thus' is así
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