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The Spanish Proverb of the Day helps you learn Spanish through a bit of Hispanic Wisdom each day learn a few more Proverbs in Spanish...

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There are many, many proverbs dropped in to spoken Spanish, and learning these little idioms will make your Spanish learning quest all the more easy.

The Spanish have many proverbs just like there are in English. Many are similar and of course there is a wonderful smattering of their own proverbs, expressions and sayings.

An interesting fact about language is that most of us do not actually speak the grammatically perfect language taught in textbooks, but actually use a lot of sayings and expressions, which, if translated into another language literally, often translate in to nonsense.

Learning proverbs and expressions is important to really consolidate one's learning and understand in more depth what is actually going on and what people are actually saying in real conversation.

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To get a free Proverb daily on your website you just need to copy and paste the code above which will then enable you to get a different proverb daily to your website. This is a free service. For more info on getting a free Spanish Proverb of the Day on your website click here Check out the French proverb of the day and the German proverb of the day also.

You can also get a free French proverb for your website and/or a free German proverb for your website.

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Proverb of the Day - Spanish

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