Daily Spanish Verb System to Cover the 20 Main Groups

A Few Minutes a Day will Help You Conquer Spanish Verb Conjugation

Every day a Spanish learner should practise a daily Spanish verb.

Reciting a verb table is a great way to consolidate your verb learning, and with just a few minutes each day, done in a structured pattern you will conquer the various verb families, and their patterns of endings.

This website features a daily Spanish verb that follows a structured system of training that allows you to cover the top 20 families of Spanish verbs.

Each month a new VERB FAMILY is covered.

  • So in January we cover regular AR verbs.
  • February: AR verbs
  • March: ER verbs
  • April: IR verbs
  • May: ZAR
  • June: CER
  • July: UIR
  • IR verbs where the e changes to ie or i
  • August: CAR verbs
  • GAR
  • September: DER
  • PONER verbs
  • GER verbs
  • VER
  • October: GIR
  • LLIR
  • November: IAR
  • UAR
  • December: SAR
  • AR verbs where the o changes to ue
This way, every day during a month, that you practise a verb table and recite it, you consolidate the pattern because that pattern is repeated through the month (or 10 day block depending on how many verbs are covered in a month). Each day's recital reinforces the previous day's learning.

To more powerfully consolidate your learning you should WRITE THESE DOWN. Do not miss out this step. It only takes a few minutes, and you can do this on our FILL-in-the-BLANKS verb table. This is one of the most powerful method of really consolidating your verb knowledge.

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