My pictures are changing too quickly, and I cannot stop them...

If this is happening on your course, you probably have the programme set to RAPID Mode.

Rapid mode is ideal for previewing a lesson, if you want a quick look at the pictures and content in the lesson.

It is also a great way to review, refresh and revisit a lesson once learned.

In this mode the word screens in the lesson advance automatically.

  • The cartoon picture of the Memory Trigger is displayed.
  • The English word is spoken (and the written word is displayed).
  • The foreign word is spoken (and the written word is displayed).
  • Only the text of the Memory Trigger displays, but the sound for the Memory Trigger is turned off, reducing the time to hear the sound of the Memory Trigger.

To TURN OFF this mode, and make the pictures go by slowly...

To turn off the RAPID mode...
  1. Click on the SETTINGS icon (the picture of the cogs) in the Main Menu or on the Lesson pages.
  2. Find Rapid Mode.
  3. Click on the checkbox to ensure there is no tick in the box.

For more information on the various settings check out our free online Language Learning Tutorials that teach you the features of our accelerated language learning software.

...and another thing...

You can make the pictures and sound go by automatically if you want...

You can make the pictures and sounds in a lesson go by automatically WITH the Memory Triggers spoken , by clicking on the AUTORUN function in the SETTINGS menu...

Help within the Course itself...

Remember help is available within your course by right-clicking your mouse on the screen. If there is a block of text or an icon whose function you wish to know about hover the mouse over the area and right-click. Also there is an icon in the shape of a question-mark that leads to an extensive help menu.

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