Daily Spanish Lesson Code - Add Free Lessons to your Website or Blog 365 days a year!

Get a Spanish Lesson to appear every day on your website

To get a free a Daily Spanish Lesson to appear on your own website, you just need to:

  1. copy the code in the window below, then
  2. paste the code onto a page on your own website.
That is all there is to it.

Once done you will get a Spanish lesson, like a fully conjugated verb lesson to appear every day - 365 days a year - on your website, giving you fresh, new, useful Spanish learning material for your website users that are studying Spanish. To see how it will look click here to see the Daily Spanish Lesson webpage.

Daily Spanish Lesson Code - FREE Automatically Updated Lessons every Day on your Blog/Website

Simply copy the grey script from the box below the line, and then paste it to your website on the page you want it to appear:

Copy the code in the window above, then paste it onto your webpage.

⇒ Every day of the year a new Spanish lesson will be displayed on your webpage.

⇒ Tell your website visitors to immediately BOOKMARK the page now! ... so that they can return to your pages with a click.

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200 Words a Day! Free Daily Spanish Lesson Code - just copy and paste the code to our own website for a new lesson and new Spanish content every day.

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