French Verb INFORMER - to inform

5 Steps to Learning 300 French Verbs in a Snap

            The verb in French for inform is the verb informer. To remember this imagine: you INFORM people while in the French colours.

Why have we thrown in INFORMER with the ten most important verbs in French?

There is good reason, and we could have chosen one of 300 specific verbs. We chose INFORMER because with a few tweaks you will have a tool that will allow you to unlock 300+ French verbs by converting them from ENGLISH words into French.

Learn the conjugations of INFORMER and you will be able to convert 300+ English words into French verbs, and you will know how to conjugate 85% of all French verbs.

to inform: informer
You INFORM people in the French colours.
Simple Tenses informer

informe informes informe informons informez informent
Past Imperfect

informais informais informait informions informiez informaient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

informai informas informa informâmes informâtes inform√®rent

will inform
informerai informeras informera informerons informerez informeront

would inform
informerais informerais informerait informerions informeriez informeraient

may inform
informe informes informe informions informiez informent
Compound Tenses informer - participe passé: informé
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have informed
ai informé as informé a informé avons informé avez informé ont informé
Past Perfect

had informed
avais informé avais informé avait informé avions informé aviez informé avaient informé
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have informed
aurai informé auras informé aura informé aurons informé aurez informé auront informé
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have informed
aurais informé aurais informé aurait informé aurions informé auriez informé auraient informé

informes informons informez

        5 STEPS to MAKING 300+ VERBS        
        from the FRENCH VERB INFORMER

French for inform is informer
  1. Take an English noun ending -ATION.
  2. Drop the -ATION ending to get INFORM-. (This is called the stem).
  3. Replace -ATION with -ER.
  4. Now you have the French verb INFORMER.
  5. Learn the endings in the verb table. Each conjugation tacks on another ending to the stem. You can use these same endings with other verbs that you make using this verbobooster© technique.
This works with lots of English words:
  • migration - migrer
  • vibration - vibrer
  • illustration - illustrer....
... and so on. You will think of many more.
French for inform is informer

3 Steps to Learning the Endings of French Verbs

I am a big fan of learning ALL the tenses at the same time, this being made possible with our specially constructed VERB TABLES.

(You can learn the exact occasions that each verb is used later. Most are just like English, but a few like the French subjunctive need a bit of explanation. Don't worry about them initially).
  1. Go through the table ROW by ROW to learn the various tenses from the verb table of INFORMER. Recite them out loud.
  2. You will notice - having already learned the conjugations of avoir that for the 24 compound tenses of informer (bottom half of the table) YOU ALREADY KNOW the first part of these conjugations (e.g. the 'I have' bit from 'I have informed', from your learning of avoir etc). Review avoir if you have any doubts.
  3. Cross pollinate and further reinforce your learning by going through the table COLUMN by COLUMN. That is going DOWN each column, learning pronoun by pronoun. Less than 5% of verb tables out there in texts and on the internet allow this 'double-impact' verb learning.
Use these same endings for the 300+ other French verbs that you converted from those English -ATION words.
French for inform is informer

3 Useful Facts when you have learnt INFORMER

These are regular ER verbs, and this is how about 85% of verbs in French are conjugated... i.e. in the exactly the same way, with the same endings.

So by learning the conjugations of INFORMER, you will:
  1. Know the patterns of endings for 85% of French verbs - the most common conjugations - the verbs ending -ER.
  2. Using the little cheat above, be able to convert and conjugate about 300+ English words ending -ATION into French.
  3. Of course there are exceptions and false friends! You can learn these as you progress.
200 words a day? When you consider that each verb has about 60 conjugations you can make that 2,000 plus words a day! Well 300 x 60 conjugations ... is 18,000 words! A very powerful tool.

French for inform is informer

5 Ways to Super-consolidate your Verb Learning

To really consolidate your verb learning, having followed the above steps.
  1. Fill in the FILL in the BLANKS form. This is truly a most powerful secret weapon to French Verb Learning. Most of you will not do this however. That is just the way people are.

    But if you are serious about really quickly, effectively and deeply consolidating your verb learning this is one of the best tools.

    There is no magic pill. This is as close as you will get to a verb learning magic pill. Does not sound exciting. But it works!
  2. Fill in the Fill in the Blanks Verb Worksheet from memory.
  3. Recite the tables from memory whenever you get a spare moment. The more times you do this, the faster and more solid the consolidation. It will get easier the more times you do them.
  4. REPEAT this procedure at the optimum learning intervals. Research shows that you should review newly learnt material after:
    • a day,
    • again after a week,
    • then after a month,
    • after 3 months and
    • after a year.
  5. Follow our Daily French Verb series online.

    A new French verb appears every day. Each month a new family is covered so that you do one or two different families of verbs each month. So one month you will do:
    • ER verbs
    • another month IR verbs,
    • another month RE verbs
    • reflexive verbs and so on.


 ✔    There are many more French Verb Tables like this one.

 ✔    Check out the other top ten French verbs - the most important ones.

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     ✔      dire

 ✔    You can more easily remember words and verbs like the French for inform informer using the techniques of the world's Memory Masters.

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French for inform is informer
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