The word in German for pillow is das Kissen

The word in German for pillow is which sounds a bit like KISSING.

To remember das Kissen, we have a cartoon picture of two smoking monkeys KISSING on a pillow!

Why on earth have smoking monkeys kissing on a pillow??

... I hear you ask. Well, there is a perfectly good reason, so read on! And because it is silly it makes it easier to remember. Just absorb the picture initially... then read on!


The word in German for pillow is das Kissen.
Remembering words with Memory Triggers© like this makes learning, remembering and recalling words so much easier. This picture and Memory Trigger is taken from our Learn German - 200 Words a Day! software programme available for Windows by downoload or CD.

Remembering that the GENDER of the German word for pillow is das Kissen

Notice the main characters of the MEMORY TRIGGER© picture are two smoking monkeys?

With all our lessons we teach you to remember the gender with the word, because this is very important in German language. In German nouns are either masculine, feminine, or neuter... and there is often no reason as to why! So if you have a way of remembering a noun's gender you will find this extremely useful - because the noun's gender in German not only affects the adjectives, it varies with the different CASES (that you will learn as you advance with your German language lessons).

  • Masculine nouns feature a male main character, and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a male native German speaker.

    Text for masculine words is color coded blue.
  • Feminine nouns feature a female main character and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a female native German speaker.

    Text for feminine words is color coded red.
  • Neuter nouns feature our unique Gender Trigger© - a smoking animal, unique to that Memory Trigger. This way you will never forget a gender.

    Text of neuter words is color coded orange.
Hence the smoking monkeys in this picture remind you of the word's NEUTER GENDER! There are no more powerful gender recognitions techniqes around.

Whenever you are trying to recall whether a German word is masculine or feminine or neuter, the answer lies in the Memory Trigger picture cartoon. To learn more about learning and remembering the gender of German nouns click on this link.

Remember also that scientists tell us that your brain never forgets a picture... and that every visual image you have seen in your life, is stored in it! The world's greatest computer hard disk is between your ears!

And when you have learned the Memory Trigger© picture, it is there, ever ready to 'pop'up into your head, when you need it! Or until you have used the word in conversation enough such that it is now indelibly stamped in your mind, and available at the tip of your tongue. This way words like das Kissen, the German for pillow (or cushion) become much easier to remember - IN FULL - GENDER and all.

Using Famous People or Celebrities to make the Memory Trigger more Memorable

Wherever possible, and where appropriate we use famous people in the Memory Trigger to assist recall because they are easier to remember.

They can either help us remember the word, by some association (Memory Trigger), or the gender(Gender Trigger), or both.

Of course, you may find that a particular person you know, may better remind you of a Memory Trigger. Use that person! This is more effective still! And you can record this in your own set of NOTES, which is stored in your own private database of your own NOTES, written as and when you want...

...and stored for your own future personal reference - whenever you want them. (If you ever want to refer to these notes of your own, you just click a button, to choose a lesson on it, or a test on them! i.e. custom-built to your own requirements).

Where the German word is similar to the English word...

We incorporate into the picture the German colours, that is the colours of the German flag - red, yellow and black. this helps remind you that the words are similar.

Remember - we will never give out your email address, and contact details to anybody else.

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Learning without Memory Triggers is often labour lost!

Honestly, just how much do you remember from school, college or university?

Why? Because you generally learn a load of facts, without learning HOW to REMEMBER and RETRIEVE those facts from the brain! It's OK if you have a photographic memory... but what about us ordinary people?

To remember that pillow in German is das Kissen, learn using Memory Triggers and the superlearning techniques of the 200 Words a Day! German learning system - accelerated learning made easy.

Try it now - there is a 365 day money-back-guarantee... so there is no risk to you.

To remember German vocabulary and phrases - like that the word in German for pillow is das Kissen - use Memory Triggers!

Check out some RELATED GERMAN WORDS - once you know one - like das Kissen, the German for pillow you can build others

Once you know one word, this makes it easier to learn, or recognize, other German words... they build like building blocks! Here are more words similar to, or built on the word, das Kissen which is German for pillow (or cushion).

pillow, cushion; pad -- das Kissen
pillow -- das Kopfkissen - another word in German for pillow
pillowcase; cushion cover -- der Kissenbezug
pillowslip -- der Kissenüberzug
air cushion -- das Luftkissen
bedrest -- das Stellkissen
bobbin lace pillow -- das Klöppelkissen
bolster -- das Kissen
to bolster -- Kissen unterlegen
fart cushion -- das Furzkissen
float -- das Schwimmkissen
hassock -- das Kniekissen
heating pad -- das Heizkissen
ink pad -- das Farbkissen
inkpad -- das Stempelkissen
saddle pillow -- das Sattelkissen (Geschichte)
pincushion -- das Nadelkissen
pocket heating pad -- das Taschenheizkissen
rubber -- das Reibkissen
sachet -- das Duftkissen
sofa cushion -- das Sofakissen
squab -- das Sitzkissen
squab -- das Stützkissen
stamp pad -- das Stempelkissen
warmingpad -- das Heizkissen
wedge-shaped bolster -- das Keilkissen

*This list is derived from the New English German Dictionary

So with every word you learn, like the German for pillow, das Kissen you can quickly build more and more words.

Remembering that the word for pillow in German is das Kissen

Learn properly and effectively so that you never forget that das Kissen is German for pillow. Learning German vocabulary is made very easier with the superlearning systems of the 200 Words a Day! Learn German system.

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German for pillow is das Kissen
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The word in German for pillow is das Kissen.

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