SPANISH VERB LIST - Conquer the Verb Families

This SPANISH VERB LIST groups various Spanish verbs according their family of endings. A few minutes a day for 30 days and you can conquer various families of verb endings and conjugations with our powerful verb tables.

The Verb Tables are grouped by month and one automatically appears on our DAILY SPANISH LESSON page.

So for the months of January and February you will cover a particular family of verbs - the AR verbs. March covers another family - the ER verbs, April is IR. The next months follow the AR-ER-IR, so that each month you will look at a new family, with each group rotating through the AR-ER-IR groupings.

Reciting each verb table aloud will take about three or four minutes. Unlike most verb tables, these ones will allow you to build your knowledge with more depth, as you can learn them ROW by ROW (tense by tense), as well as COLUMN by COLUMN (pronoun by pronoun).

These verbs are the twenty most common forms of conjugation of Spanish verbs as based on the Bescherelle of Spanish Verbs.

Verbs with Spelling Changes

You will notice that some of the verbs just have spelling changes. These are usually conjugated in a regular way, but to retain the pronunciation in accordance with the various rules, the spelling has to change. For example for verbs ending GAR, like pagar.

  • If the yo preterit was to follow the conjugation rules, 'I paid' would be yo pagé.
  • But if written that way, it would be pronounced yo pajé.
  • To preserve the pronunciation with a 'hard g' (like g in the English word 'go'), the letter 'u' is added after the 'g' to make it spelt yo pagué.
  • This also occurs the with the other conjugations that are formed off the first person present indicative - yo pagué - like the:
       - subjunctives: que yo pague, que tú pagues ... pague, paguemos, paguéis, paguen
       - imperatives: pague! paguemos! paguen!


Month VERB FAMILY Model Verb Change Spelling Change Number of Verbs like this in Spanish (approx)
January Regular AR verbs cortar - - - }
February Regular AR verbs aceptar - - - }6500
March Regular ER verbs deber - - - 110
April Regular IR verbs vivir - - - 250
May ZAR verbs cazar z changes to c before e in yo preterit and in all persons of present subjunctive, and the forms derived from it. This is done to preserve pronunciation. - 700+
June CER verbs parecer c to zc - 230
July UIR verbs influir i to y before o or e - 50
July IR verbs sentir e to ie or i - 40
August CAR verbs sacar c to gu before e - 550
August GAR verbs pagar spelling change, adding u after g before e 320
September DER verbs (mainly) defender e to ie (mainly DER verbs plus cerner) - 30
September PONER verbs poner o to u, g to ng before o or a, - 30
September GER verbs coger g changes to j for yo present (yo cojo) and therefore all persons of the present subjunctive and some of the imperatives - 16
September VER verbs mover o to ue - 13
October GIR verbs dirigir g changes to j in the yo present and in subjunctives - 30
October IR verbs pedir e to i - 30
October ÑIR / LLIR verbs bruñir spelling change. After LL or ñ and a vowel the letter i is dropped in some tenses 25
November IAR verbs guiar spelling change. letter i gets an accent added and becomes í for present tense and present subjunctive for yo, tú, él, ellos. 100
November UAR verbs actuar add an accent 40
December SAR verbs pensar e to ie - 130
December AR verbs encontrar o changes to ue - 120
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Viewing the Full Conjugations of the Verbs in the Spanish Verb List

All the verb tables in this Spanish Lesson List of Verbs appear in the Daily Spanish Lesson page. Each day of the year a new one appears.

You can access any of the individual pages via the links on the page groupings above for each month. The links will take you to a page of more detail of which verbs are listing in that family.

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Spanish Verb List of the Twenty Most Common Verb Conjugations

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