French Lesson Dialogue and Download for Lesson 10
Common Words (2)

A suggested way to review this lesson:
Do or re-do/review the French lesson in your 200 Words a Day! French Vocab Course 1 to refamiliarise yourself with the vocabulary and the Memory Triggers.
Test yourself on the vocabulary using the Test function in your 200 Words a Day! French Vocab Course 1.
If you have the French Sentences module for Course 1, listen to those sentences, which use the learned word. (These sentences are different to these dialogues, allowing you to broaden your knowledge and exposure to the words).
Listen to the dialogue, and read through the text.
Listen to the dialogue 3 times (the more the better), repeating it aloud.
Read the dialogue aloud 3 times (the more the better).
Remember not to get too tied up with LITERAL word for word translations. Absorb the general meaning from the English text.
This French lesson dialogue covers the words learned in Lesson 10 of exceltra's 200 Words a Day! Learn French vocabulary course #1 - Common French Words (2).

You don't need the 200 Words a Day! courses to benefit from this free online French lesson, but that is the ideal scenario, for which it is designed.

Read and Listen to the 'Vocabulary in Action'

At the Salon/Spa - Au Salon
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  • Marc: «Salut! Je ne pensais pas te trouver ici
  • Caroline : « J’aime bien me faire masser de temps en temps. Je ne viens pas très souvent dans ce salon car la plupart du temps, je suis trop occupée à la maison avec les enfants ! »
Mark:Hello! I didn’t think I would find you here!”
Carolyn:” I like coming to get a massage from time to time. I don’t come to this salon very often because most of the time, I’m too busy at home with the children!”

  • Marc : « A qui veux-tu faire croire ça ? Maintenant, dis-moi, combien de fois es-tu déjà venue ? »
  • Caroline : « Eh bien, c’est tout nouveau et je crois que je n’y suis allée que trois fois seulement. »
Mark: Who do you expect to (want to make) believe that? Now, tell me, how many times have you come so far?
Carolyn: Well, it’s all very new (recent) and I think I’ve only been three times.

  • Marc : Comment ? Tu n’es venue que trois fois ? Ce n’est vraiment pas beaucoup ! Non, je n’y crois pas !
  • Caroline : Quelque chose me dit que toi, tu as pris l’abonnement ?!
Mark: How (What)? You've only come three times? That is really not very much! No, I can’t believe that!
Carolyn: Something tells me that you have subscribed to this spa?!

  • Marc : Ma parole, mais tu lis dans mes pensées !
  • Caroline : Il m’est déjà arrivé de deviner quelques-uns de tes projets mais pour l’abonnement, c’est bien la dernière chose que j‘aurais aimé savoir !
Mark: My word! But you’re reading (in) my thoughts!
Carolyn: It has already occurred to me to guess some of your plans but (for) a membership is really the last thing I would have liked to know!

  • Marc : Oui, je me doute que tu aurais préféré connaître mon numéro de compte ou à combien s’élève mon héritage ?!
  • Caroline : Aucun des deux, par contre si tu pouvais me confier le montant de ton assurance vie…
Mark: Yes, I’m suspecting you’d rather prefer to know the number of my account or what the amount of my inheritance is!
Carolyn: Not any (neither) of them, on the other hand, if you could tell me what the amount of your life insurance is …

  • Marc : En dehors de ça, nous dirons que tu n’es pas une femme intéressée…
  • Caroline : Plus que tu ne le crois et fais attention à ne pas rester seul dans une rue déserte le soir…
Mark: Apart/aside (outside) from that, let’s just say you’re not a self-centred woman…
Carolyn: More than you would believe! And take care not to stay alone in a deserted street by night…

The words highlighted are taught in the 200 Words a Day Learn French Course 1, using Memory Triggers to EMBED them in your mind.

This dialogue and narrative is used to consolidate your knowledge of the vocabulary and broaden it with the exposure to more vocab, much of it from the course....

Enjoy your free French lesson and dialogue. Listen to this several times. Read it several times. Check out the new vocabulary. Note there is loads more vocab than just the 30 words from Lesson 10 Common Words. Keep checking back as more free lessons and French Podcasts are added to the site.

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