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Will 200 Words a Day! software run on an Apple Mac?

I have an Apple Mac. How can I run your programme?

To run your 200 Words a Day! Language Learning course on your Apple Mac, you need a Windows Emulator program installed on your Mac.

There are now two types of emulator:-

  • PC Emulators for Mac OS X on PowerPC G3, G4, and G5.
  • PC Emulators (virtual machines) for Mac OS X on Intel-based Macs
For details see

Customers have indicated that our software runs successfully on these emulators. Eric sent us the following helpful instructions:


VMware allows you to run 200 Words a Day! on the Mac OSX.

200 Words a Day! is a Windows only program and requires Mac users to use some software to run it. You have three good choices:

  • CrossOver - which allows a Mac users to run a Windows application. I have only played with this.

  • Parallels and VMware Fusion are what I have used.

You can read more about these here:

WIth VMware Fusion (or just Fusion for short):

  1. Install Fusion on your Mac.

  2. Install Windows (I am using Windows XP) as the operating system for Fusion.To do this you need to run Fusion and follow the documentation to install an operating system.

    This is actually fairly easy.

  3. With Windows installed, you are running Fusion (the Macapplication) AND running Windows Xp (or vista or 98) within Fusion.

  4. From the Fusion window, allow Windows to use your CD drive.To do this, you need to pull-down the Fusion menu item that shows the Mac devices.

    The CD/DVD drive can only be used by ONE operating system at a time.

    So Fusion provides you a pull-down menu to assign which operating system get the use of the CD/DVD drive. You can change this at any time.

    Once you have told Fusion to let Windows use the CD/DVD drive, you are done ...

    That is, from now on, you treat your computer just like a real Windows machine.

  5. Put the 200 Words a Day! CD in the CD/DVD drive (most people only have one CD/DVD drive, but if you have more, put the 200 Words-a-Day! CD in the SAME drive that you assigned to Windows use).

  6. From with-in Windows, double click on my computer and then double click on the CD/DVD drive to run the 200-words-a-day installer.

  7. Once 200 Words a Day! is installed, you can UN-assign the CD/DVD drive so that your Mac side has exclusive use of the drive. In other words, Windows no longer needs to have access to the CD/DVD drive and you can switch it back to use for the Mac.

  8. 200 Words a Day! is installed and will play sound though your computer. Fusion will share the sound system and this does not need to be assigned. But if you cannot hear anything, check the Fusion menu and make sure that SoundCard is on.
I am not running Fusion this very second so I do not remember the exact name of the menu items for the soundcard and CD drive assignment. I think these are both under the second or third Fusion menu item from the left. There are not very many menu item in Fusion.

Fusion is less expensive, but if you choose to use Parallels, the procedure is about the same.


Help within the Course itself...

Remember help is available within your course by right-clicking you mouse on the screen. If there is a block of text or an icon whose function you wish to know about hover the mouse over the area and right-click. Also there is an icon in the shape of a question-mark that leads to an extensive help menu.

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I have an Apple Mac. How can I run your programme?
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