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- How do I type foreign characters on an AZERTY keyboard?

There are three stages to typing an accented character.

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key then press the "shape" of the accent ... the "shape" may be a single key e.g. Grave (to the left of the 1 key) to get an accent above a vowel or two keys (shift semi-colon) to get an colon/umlaut accent.
  2. Release all keys pressed ... nothing appears to have happened BUT
  3. Press another key e.g. lower case letter u and you'll type an accented letter.
A minor problem, to type an ess tset ß, (German) our right click help advice is to hold down the Ctrl key then press the Ampersand key (shift 7), release all three keys then press the 's' key (lower case).

Pressing shift 7 produces an ampersand symbol (&) on UK keyboards but on other keyboards (e.g. Azerty keyboards in France or U.S. keyboards) there may be a different key combination required to get the "Ampersand shape".

Incidentally, the "accented keystrokes" are standard Microsoft, so if you're typing a Microsoft Word Document you can use the same key combinations to type accented characters.

We thought it better to conform to keystrokes that were in common use rather than invent our own key combinations.

You can view the various key combinations in "Microsoft Word" by asking for Help on "Insert symbols and special characters" (from the Office Assistant) then selecting "Insert an international character by using a shortcut key".

Help within the Course itself...

Remember help is available within your course by right-clicking your mouse on the screen. If there is a block of text or an icon whose function you wish to know about hover the mouse over the area and right-click. Also there is an icon in the shape of a question-mark that leads to an extensive help menu.

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